Tomnahurich's Gospel Tracts.


Tomnahurich Hill

Tomnahurich – A Word of Explanation.

Tomnahurich means the "hill of the yew trees" and is a beautiful dome-shaped hill just along the road from where I write. Tomnahurich is also one of the local cemeteries and therefore a daily reminder of life and death, heaven and hell.

About the Gospel Tracts.

The tracts and leaflets listed are given out in various areas around the city by the Inverness Reformed Baptist Church, Inverness, Scotland, and produced here that they may be a benefit to a wider readership.

Over the years, the Inverness Reformed Baptist Church has regularly undertaken door-to-door outreach. A magazine called the "Quarterly" is, every three months delivered to the homes within the immediate area of the Church. A special worship service is organised coinciding with the magazine distribution and carries an invitation to that service. Over the summer months, gospel tracts are distributed in the City Centre.

In undertaking these outreaches into the community, the Church has produced much of its own material printing it in tract form. These items are on the web with the prayer that God may draw sinners to Himself.